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      Bat algorithm, Classification, similarity. [1]
      Bees Colony algorithm, Classification, similarity. [1]
      Benzoyl Phenylthiourea (BPT), Mild steel, Corrosion inhibitor, Synergism effect, potassium iodide, Activation functions. [1]
      biographie Alexandre Dumas [1]
      bound expressions ،Obstacle [1]
      bowel obstruction; constipation; adhesion; bowel resection; obstructed hernia [1]
      Calotropis procera - Allium cepa - السمية الورا ثية – Genotoxicity - المركبات الجليكوسيدية [1]
      Challenges Facing Libyan Translators in Translating Libyan Proverbs from Arabic to English [1]
      chloride [1]
      Choisir l’interaction ، débat comme moyen d’apprentissage ، [1]
      Cisplatin, Nephrotoxicity, Antioxidants, Cuminum cyminum [1]
      Clay, Characterization, XRF, XRD, TGA, DTA. [1]
      code-switching, multilingualism, language acquisition, diasporic community, Libyan community, case study. [1]
      Communication process; empathy; feedback; health literacy; therapeutic relationship; output; reflection; self-concept; self-esteem; self-disclosure; values; clarification; tele-health; verbal; nonverbal; meta-communication. [1]
      Comparison of Copro-parasitological Techniques for Detection of Intestinal Parasites in Stool Samples [1]
      composite epoxy/sol-gel, adhesive, surface roughness, lap shear strength. [1]
      composites, polymers, ceramics, polymer-nanoparticle, differential scanning calorimetry. 1. INTRODUCTION Polymer nanofillers (nanocomposites) are a class of hybrid materials composed of an organic polymer matrix with dispersed inorganic compounds. Polymer nanocomposite shows unique properties, combining the advantages of the inorganic nanofillers (e.g., rigidity, thermal stability) and the organic polymers (e.g., flexibility, dielectric, ductility, and processability). The inorganic nanofillers have large surface area, leading to a dramatic increase in interfacial area.1 Polymer nanocomposites are materials in which nanofillers inorganic particles usually 10-100 Angstrom (Aͦ) in at least [1]
      Contracts ,Legal Contracts , Commercial [1]
      Coping, distress, exercise, healthy diet, humor, sleep hygiene, social support, stress. [1]
      Coping; stress; exercise; humor: and social. [1]