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    • Albers – Shonberg Syndrome Oesteapetrosis 

      A. S. Al-Hiti, M. Y. El-Khalifa, Abousaif Ali A. Alsharif Mohamoud Hussein Ali (Sebha University, 2002)
    • Analysis of 580 Renal O.P.D Cases in 7th October Hospital Over 9 Months Period 

      Amal I. Inbiek, A. Fatah Y. Zaied, Fathi M. Shebani Khaled M. Khattab (Sebha University, 2002)
      A retrospective study on 580 patients, was carried out at 7th October renal OPD over a 9 months period from 1.10.97 to 30.6.98 to know the pattern of renal disorders, in order to plan suitable medical preventive measures ...
    • Typhoid Perforation of the Appendix: a Rare Clinical Entity 

      Mahmood Hussein, Theophilus Bhushan, Ammer Irhuma (Sebha University, 2002)
      Bleeding and perforation of the intestine are the most major complications of typhoid fever. Perforation usually occurs in the 2nd or 3rd week of the illness. Common sites of perforations are ileum, jejunum and caecum in ...
    • Trans-vaginal sonography: Is it helpful in differentiating benign from malignant ovarian tumours? 

      Jaafar, Jamal. A. (Sebha University, 2002)
      Background: The ovary is unique in the range of tumours that may arise from it, and the numbers of malignant tumours from other primary sites that can metastasize to it. Ovarian cancer is largely asymptornatic in its early ...
    • Three Unusual Cases of Foreign Bodies in The Maxillofacial Region 

      R EI-Gehani, M EI-Sheikh (Sebha University, 2002)
      Three case reports of rare type of foreign bodies in the oral cavity are presented. One is a catapult which a child was playing with and had a fall with the metal piece. The second is a fish harpoon which stuck in the ...
    • Stroke in South Libya 

      Abdulqader M. Sufrani, Mutwakil G. Ahmed, Mohamoud Hussein Ali Faraj A. Shenib, Abdu Nnaser M. Musbah (Sebha University, 2002)
      Objective: To determine incidence and risk factors for stroke in the Fezzan region, South Libya. Setting: 2nd March Teaching Hospital, Sebha, South Libya. Methods: This was a prospective hospital-based study of stroke ...
    • Spectrophotometric Determination of Nefidipine in Pharmaceutical Preparations by Coupling Reactions 

      Amal A. Aboolla, Salma El-ghadafi, Elaraoud Khalifa Asma El-Swayah (Sebha University, 2002)
      A sensitive spectrophotometric procedure was described for the determination of Nifedipine. The procedure is based on reduction of the nitro group, yielding free primary aromatic amine which could be diazotised and coupled ...
    • Referral for Diabetic Ophthalmopathy: Why and When ? 

      Bhargava, Prabal (Sebha University, 2002)
      Many systemic diseases are associated with ocular manifestations. Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of new blindness in adults. Considerable progress has been made for the detection and treatment of diabetic eye ...
    • Rational Use of Blood and Blood Products in Libya 

      Krovvidi C. RAJU, Abubaker Marouf MILAD, (Sebha University, 2002)
    • Prospective Study Of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Without Sedation 

      Mehriz M. Ebrahim, Abdulhafid M. A. Zain, Khalifa M. Alayat (Sebha University, 2002)
      Endoscopy clinic of 2nd march hospital is the only endoscopic facility in the south of Libya, patients are referred for diagnosis and management of upper and lower gastrointestinal problems. As most the patients are ...
    • Prevalence of Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C in 1 Haemodialysis Patients in Benghazi Renal Units 

      Ramadan M. Bujazia Ali O. El-Fitouri, A. Fatah Y. Zaied, Hanan. M.T. Bugaigis. Yasmina. A Al-Sharaki, Mohamed. H. Khafifi (Sebha University, 2002)
      201 patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) on maintenance haemodialysis (H.D) program, from 7th October and Hawari hospital renal units were studied for the prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg) and or ...
    • Acute Appendicitis A Prospective Study Of 128 Cases In 2nd March Hospital-Sebha 

      Amer Tawaty, Khalifa M. Alayat, Abdulhafid M. A. Zain Einass. M .Elhudairy (Sebha University, 2005)
      In a prospective study, 128 patients diagnosed as acute appendicitis were admitted to general surgery department of 2nd March hospital.72 were male, 56.25%, with mean age of 24.5 yrs and 56 were female, 43.75%, with mean ...
    • Acute Myocardial Infarction in South Libya 

      Mutwakil G. Ahmed, Faraj A. Shenib, Abdulqader M. Sufrani Mohamoud Hussein Milad (Sebha University, 2005)
      Objective: To determine clinical characteristics of patients with acute myocardial infarction. Setting: Intensive Care Unit, 2nd March Teaching Hospital, Sebha, South Libya. Methods: A prospective hospital-based study ...
    • Anthropological studies among Libyans of Fazzan Province: ABO and Rh Systems 

      Amer A Irhuma , Kamal Salih, Omran M Abdrhman Bashir Elgadi (Sebha University, 2005)
      Background: ABO and RH D systems are related to ethnicity and diseases. Objectives: To study the ABO and Rh groups in Fazzan area where the population are of mixed origin. Setting: The 2nd March Hospital's blood transfusion ...
    • Unusual presentation of hydatid disease 5 cases collected in a period of 4 years in 2nd March Hospital Sebha 

      M. A. Zain, Abdulhafid (Sebha University, 2005)
      A 4 years prospective collection of 5 cases who were presented in surgical department with symptoms & signs not suggesting hydatid disease which were diagnosed intra-operatively supported by histopathological examination.
    • Tuberculous Sinuses Re-Visited 

      Ammer Irhuma, S. Theophilus Bushan, Einass Elhudeiri (Sebha University, 2005)
    • The Triad of Death: (The concept of mechanism – cause – mode) 

      El-Zentani, Othman (Sebha University, 2005)
    • The Pattern Of Bone Mineral Density In The Human Calcaneus 

      Kamal Salih, Mohamed H Abd- El Latef, (Sebha University, 2005)
      The present study was performed on 21 pairs of cadaveric human calcaneal bones to determine the pattern of bone mineral density (BMD) and to correlate it with the biomechanical function of the calcaneal bone. The present ...
    • The Incidence of Down Syndrome In Benghazi 

      Gadra, Ahmed (Sebha University, 2005)
      Objective of the study : The objective of this study is to estimate the incidence of babies with Down Syndrome who were seen at the genetic clinic. Background of the study: We conducted a retrospective epidemiological ...
    • Study of 255 Laparotomies for Abdominal Injuries 

      El Grew M, Aribi NH, Khamaira UA, Zurghani R Elarbi M, Zurghani H (Sebha University, 2005)
      Blunt abdominal trauma is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among all age groups. We retrospectively reviewed 255 laparotomies for abdominal injuries admitted to trauma department, Tripoli Central Hospital in a ...